2020 Return to School Dates

Office Opens: 13th January (MON)
Year 12 Retreat: 28th January (TUE)
Early Learning Centre Return to school: 28th January (TUE)
REC to Year 12 Return to school: 29th January (WED)

2020 Term Dates

Please note ELC:   Term 1 Return: 28th January  /  Term 3 Return: 20th July


29 Jan - 9 Apr


27 Apr - 3 Jul


27 Jul - 25 Sep


12 Oct - 8 Dec

Class Timetable


Lesson 1 - 8.40am
Lesson 2 - 9.10am

RECESS: 10.50am

Lesson 3 - 11.10am
Lesson 4 - 12.00pm

LUNCH: 12.50pm

Lesson 5 - 1.30pm
Lesson 6 - 2.20pm


Community Feedback

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Specific feedback about your child should be directed to your child's teacher.


Navigator College is a Christ-centered community where individuals should feel safe to express their points of view openly, honestly, constructively and in a spirit of love.


Please note that neither the Minister for Education nor the Department for Education has any authority to directly intervene in complaints relating to the operations of a non-government school.

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