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Service Learning Indonesia

As a Lutheran school, service is high on our list of values.  One of the ways that this manifests itself is through a partnership with a Lutheran School in Indonesia (SMA GKPS).

Each year, a cohort of Year 11 students travel to Indonesia (late September) for two weeks, teaching in the school, living the culture and learning what it means to truly serve a community.  In many ways, it is the students who are served, and learn from our Indonesian families about how to serve in our local community.  In addition to this, students experience life in a developing world, and often come back with a changed worldview that can significantly impact their lives.

A reciprocal arrangement is in place, where Staff and students of SMA GKPS visit Navigator College to learn about our culture and our school, with a view to sharing what they have learned about teaching practice with the rest of their community.