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Year 8/9 Growing with Confidence

Our vision is that your child will graduate from Middle School empowered to confidently engage in a lifestyle of learning not just in the classroom but in the community. It is important to us that your child is developing the skills to thrive in any environment over and above the knowledge of subjects areas.

Years 8 & 9 offer many opportunities for your child to grow as citizens and learners. The opportunity is there for your child to:

  • become a powerful communicator; realising the influence that every word spoken, written or listened can have. Living with an awareness of the message every action, expression or gesture carries.
  • be a catalyst for social circles and teams to flourish, a capable collaborator. The attributes of a team player are desperately desired in our community, to live with empathy for others changes communities for the better.
  • learn to manage themselves, their actions and emotions in ways that enable young people to be resilient and composed in the face of adversity.
  • learn how to find out what they need to know. Our learner are equipped to find reliable people and places to learn from, enabling them to adapt and grow in an ever changing world.
  • become the game changers of the future. The constantly changing future is at the mercy of those who know how to think; creatively, critically, and about problems in so many different ways. The Middle Years Program has a focus on learning and nurturing these skills and applying them across many disciplines. As your child learns to transfer skills across subjects, they will naturally transfer them to life, the real goal.

These goals are reflected in the delivery of curriculum at Year 8 & 9. There is an increased focus on authentic connections with our community, integration of subject areas, embedding of skill development and service into the curriculum. Engaging with real world global and local issues are a focus across all areas, and students see the contribution all subjects make to community.

The Year 8 & 9 Camps embody these goals; building teamwork, leadership, independence, self management and social empathy within our local national parks, and venturing through Adelaide on City Week.