Navigator College 10

Year 8/9 Sports Academy

During the Middle Years at Navigator College we encourage students to pursue their passions and seize opportunities to connect these to their learning.

As an elective option, the Sport Specialisation course is a pathway for students who aspire to engage in sport at high levels in both practical and theory. In addition to the compulsory Physical Education this course dives deeper into the areas of consideration that set elite athletes and teams apart from other sportspeople. Some of the concepts explored include:

  • tactical knowledge, skill development and leadership
  • how the body acquires skill and strategies that enhances skill and physiological development
  • how the body reacts to training programs and how to customise training for specific sport
  • injury prevention and management to sustain rigorous training programs
  • development and testing of training programs to enhance specific fitness components

Sport Specialisation is an exciting elective option for our Middle School students.