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Building Resilience and Relationships

Building young people who are resilient in the face of challenge, and who are equipped with the understanding and skills to forge healthy and positive relationships is central and an intentional part of what the Middle School team do.

The highly supportive environment offered by staff understand that there are moments when adolescents need a caring conversation, others when they need cheering on to recognise their own abilities, and others when a strong affirmation to believe in themselves will help them take up the courage to overcome challenges.

Through active pastoral care, a compassionate, inclusive and caring culture exists in the Middle School. The fruit of this is the keen sense of community and genuine care for one another, community and the wellbeing of all.

The building of a positive mindset and maintaining healthy relationships is a part of the Navigator Middle School journey. Student wellbeing, self talk, emotions and relationships have a huge impact on young people’s ability to learn. Equipping our students with the skills to manage these areas of life well, not only creates happy kids but enhanced engagement and enjoyment of the schooling experience.

Feeling a part of a common goal helps children feel they belong and can be contributors. Middle School offers many extracurricular options. Some of these include Pedal Prix, Drama & Dance Performances, Choir, as well as the full complement of interschool sports via WASSAC, SAPSASA and SASSA.