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A Safe and Welcoming Community

At some point, we are all an outsider; new to a community, club or school. As a young school we understand this because we; staff and students, have all been there. So we welcome with open arms the newcomer. We believe that each one of us is unique, and our diversity makes us a stronger more balanced community.

Every student deserves the right for school to be a safe place and every new enrolment will be met with gestures that simply say ‘welcome, you belong here’.

At times there will be conflict and people will feel hurt or offended, however, in the face of this we strive to build community and relationships where we work through our differences, we resolve our conflict and we repair and restore when things get broken. By  working through, rather than avoiding, we become a stronger and more compassionate community.

Navigator College implements a behaviour support system of Restorative Practice. We are relentless in restoring relationships, for it is through relationships that community is built. Bullying has no place at Navigator College. It is not who we are, and it is not tolerated.