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Homework Centre

All Middle and Senior School Students are offered support with homework through the Homework Centre. The students have the opportunity to access the facilities of our College, laptops and Internet, and are given support by one of our Curriculum Support Officers, as well as teachers when requested.

Monday to Thursday
3.10pm to 4.30pm

To join the Homework Centre, please complete the Homework Centre Agreement Form and then returned to the Student Services Desk.

The main goal of the Homework Centre is to instil positive work habits, organisational skills and a sense of accomplishment in every student.

The aim of the Homework Centre is:

  • To ensure students complete homework that has been set
  • Offer a space for students to learn, particularly those students who may not have access to resources at home e.g. internet
  • Complete homework and revise classwork
  • Practice exercises in subjects such as Maths and English
  • Develop study habits and skills
  • Provide extra help for students
  • Prepare for tests