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First 2 weeks of Term 1 2022 Limited Canteen Menu

Ham and Pineapple Pizza $3.00
Sausage Roll $3.80
Hot Dog (Full $4.00 or Half $2.20)
Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich $4.00
Chicken or Ham and Salad Wrap $6.80
Fresh Fruit (Apple/Orange/Banana) $1.00

Plus shelf items as per normal (Drinks/Chips etc)

Online Ordering through Qkr

Thanks to our PEG committee for requesting an App option for canteen orders.

We are very pleased to advised that App orders are now available for our canteen, as well as our current paper bag ordering system.

Please download Qkr, choose Navigator College from the list, set up a profile and check out the options!


Navigator College offers a range of options for students to order at recess and lunch.  Our menu is designed to provide healthy choices to families and follows the recommendation of the 'Right Bite Healthy Schools' guide.

Recess and Lunch

Recess and Lunch orders must be pre-ordered to enable Junior School parents to maintain control of their child’s food choices and Middle/Senior School students supplied with their choice of food.  These orders need to be submitted by 9.15am each day. Year 6 to Year 12 students are welcome to visit the Canteen at Recess and lunch times for individual items.

Lunch order bags can be purchased from the front office at the cost of $2.00 for 50 bags; 1 bag for recess orders and 1 bag for lunch orders.

Emergency lunch, (cheese or vegemite sandwich and one piece of fruit $3.50) will be available when students forget their lunch.  An account will be issued to the student, and payment will be due on the following day.

Wednesday Specials
Sushi Rolls (Term 1 & 4) and Soup (Term 2 & 3)

We are offering Sushi Rolls at the Canteen for PRE-ORDER purchase on Wednesdays (Term 1 & 4) and Soup served with a roll (Term 2 & 3). Please fill in a lunch order (paper bag) and return on Wednesday morning.

$8.00 for 2 rolls (must be of the same filling).

  • Chicken teriyaki
  • Vegetarian
  • Tuna and avocado
  • Crispy chicken

There will also be ‘limited’ serves for direct purchase at the canteen. If you don’t want to miss out we encourage you to use the Lunch Order system.