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Student Led Conferences – A great success!

Learning more about student’s strengths and next steps is key as we continue to reflect upon the journey of all students learning for 2020. Recently learners have been very successful at leading their own conferences with their families, highlighting many aspects of their learning journey…

Alison Barclay – Head of Junior School

Reception to Year 5 learners have recently been involved in leading Student-Led Conferences. This opportunity has enabled our students to demonstrate their ability to assess their own learning by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. The sharing of learning with parents/caregivers included a format that allowed students to build ownership and demonstrate their understanding through a variety of different learning situations. Families heard firsthand about how their child/children are progressing with their learning within the classroom as well as the single subjects learning environments of Visual Art, Music, Japanese and Physical Education.

With guidance and support from the teacher, students selected and shared evidence of learning that captured strengths, progress and next steps including the IB PYP Learner Profile, knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and ways they have taken action.

Conference session times ran for 45 minutes in the classroom and a 20 – 30 minute allocation was available for Single Subject areas. Up to five students were leading Student-Led Conferences at a time in a classroom. Single Subject areas were flexible with the number of students that visited these environments.

Information was shared with families prior to Student-Led Conferences occurring. Parents/caregivers were able to be extremely supportive and open minded to the strengths and experiences of their child/children. They had access to and were aware of effective questions to ask as prompts for their son/daughter to share their learning more deeply. The completion of parent/caregiver reflection sheets for ongoing development was very much appreciated by the learners!