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Reminder – Book Week Dress up day

We are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up for Book Week!

Book Week – Dress up day
Friday, 27 August
(As it’s not an ELC day, Mrs Freeman will let you know when these children are able to dress up.)

Our amazing groundsmen have created a ‘portal’ for us to use when travelling between the worlds listed in the theme. You may be able to guess what it is, particularly if you are a Science Fiction fan.

Book Week 2021 Dress up ideas | Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

  • New worlds: NASA Astronaut.
  • Old worlds: A mystery in Ancient Egypt.
  • Other worlds: Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit.
  • Very old world: Dinosaurs.
  • Other worlds: Under the Sea.
  • Other worlds: Monsters!
  • Other worlds: the world of fantasy