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Principal’s Welcome – 2021

Welcome to 2021 and the beginning of another new school year. We are excited to welcome our returning staff and families as well as those who are new to our community.

A special welcome to our new staff members who bring freshness and excitement to our team. We trust that they will settle in to our community quickly and we are looking forward to their positive contribution to our Navigator culture.

Jessica Haggmans- ELC Learning Support
Isabelle Hansen- Year One Classroom Teacher
Hahmany Agars- Middle School German and HEAL
Swov Kutny- Middle/Senior Mathematics and Business Studies
Shaun Maxfield- Senior School Maths and Science.

We also welcome the 48 students and their families who are beginning their schooling partnership with Navigator College. We pray for a smooth transition and are looking forward to getting to know you.

As a staff we have launched the year with a focus on the value of appreciation. Having an attitude of gratitude releases dopamine to the brain and stimulates joy. Purposefully developing a mindset where you are on the lookout for the positives complimented with willingness to demonstrate gratitude in words and actions, contributes to a healthy and vibrant community. As members of the Navigator Community, what is it that you are grateful for?  I am certainly grateful for the opportunity to serve and to support families with the important task of partnering in education for the benefit of our young people.  May 2021 be a fabulous year.

We are grateful for the hard-work of many over the holidays who have prepared the College grounds for this new year.  The Kindergarten (ELC) shelter and refurbishment looks super in readiness for our youngest learners to explore!  The Middle School deck has had a tremendous update with functional break out spaces, and the Senior School students have moved in to an upstairs portion of our Senior School expansion. The ground floor and Student Services will become available at the end of February.

This Friday we are holding our “Installation Service” for new staff and the induction of College Captains, Peer Support Leaders and House Captains/Vice Captains, as well as awarding our academic award winners from 2020.

In an effort to streamline our communication this year and to ensure ease of access, we are now communicating information that would have previously been in the newsletter via the College News Blog.  This will look different to previous years, however providing you with the most up to date information will still be our goal. In order to receive this College news, please subscribe to our College News here > Subscribe to College News.

I wish you every blessing for a fabulous 2021.

Stephen Jude