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Navigator Welcome Assistant Language Teacher

We would like to welcome our Assistant Language Teacher, Miss Maho Kimura.

Maho is currently studying English Literature in Japan and working towards gaining her teaching qualifications. Maho ‘Sensei’ will be supporting Japanese language students across year levels during Term 1 and Term 4 this year. She hopes that she can further her English speaking skills by meeting lots of people in Port Lincoln this year. Maho enjoys reading, dancing and loves the Beatles. Homestay experiences will also provide Maho with opportunities to connect with Australian families while she is with us.

We are seeking host families from Week 5, Term 1 for any length of time. We will also require hosts later in Term 4. Please contact the school if you are able to assist in this area.

The benefits of having a native speaker in our classes provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about and share cultural experiences, as well as develop their conversation skills in an authentic way.

We look forward to Maho Sensei’s support this year.