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Navigator College Traffic Flow – Important Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The College has recently received a few traffic flow concerns regarding the busy period of morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

To help keep our students safe we would appreciate if you could follow the following guidelines which will also help create a more efficient traffic flow and help eliviate the congestion during those peak times.

Senior School Kiss and Drop

As the picture demonstrates the Kiss and Drop area is a one way, double laned road. The middle lane is designed to be a constant flow of traffic for those who are waiting for their students to arrive. The goal of the inner lane is to avoid having a bank of traffic parked along the no parking road. It is important that this lane continues to move around the loop rather than waiting at a stand still to ensure a safe and efficient collection of students.

The outer lane will be required to give way to the traffic on the inner lane to ensure a smooth flow through and allow for the inner lane to merge into the Kiss and Drop once their student/s have arrived. Once students have been collected the outer lane is used to exit the College grounds.

We ask that you be mindful of cars around you when changing lanes and ask that you be patient during the peak times.

Junior School Parking

The Junior School parking also has a one way traffic flow as per the picture below.  It is important that parents do not turn right when exiting the College grounds as per the sign located at the exit.


Speed Limits

Another safety concern that has been raised is people have not been abiding by the speed limit signs that are located at the Senior School Kiss and Drop and the Junior School Carparking. Please remember to follow the speed limits when entering and exiting the College grounds.

We believe that by following these systems the carparking and traffic flow will be safer for students and provide less congestion. We thank you for your cooperation and undestanding.

If you have any concerns or feedback please feel free to contact the principal at


Kind Regards,

Stephen Jude