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Library News

The Library continues to build our wonderful collection with new resources constantly being purchased. Where possible, we add new resources as requested by our borrowers. We are lucky to have a wonderful group of volunteers who, as we catalogue and process new books, come in and cover them for us. Currently we have a lot of new graphic novels on display, as well as some fabulous new titles for our senior students.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Navigator students are encouraged to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. This is an annual event. In Term 1, folders of forms were given to teachers of all classes from Reception to Year 6. Teachers have supported students to add the titles of books they have read both as a class and individually. Reading for the Challenge ends on September 4th and data entry is to be completed by September 18th. Medals arrive in schools by the end of November. Please support your children to complete the challenge and return their forms to the class teachers as soon as they are complete.