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From the Senior School

I remember hearing a story once about a grandfather speaking to his grandson about forgiveness.  He told his grandson that when someone wrongs us, two wolves fight within us, one wolf is forgiveness, the other: hate and revenge.  The grandson asked his grandfather which wolf wins?  The grandfather replied ‘the one that I feed’.

When someone hurts us or wrongs us in some way, it’s easy to dwell on it; to let it fester inside us; to let the ‘revenge’ wolf win.  We can stew over it, until it takes control of our everyday lives – we can’t think of anything else!  When we can’t live our lives effectively, this hurts others around us: our friends, family, work etc.  Most of all, we hurt ourselves.  The other person?  They’re continuing on with life – no dramas!  Another saying that relates to this is ‘unforgiveness is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person gets sick’.

Or we can feed the ‘forgiveness’ wolf.  Understand that we ourselves need (and have received) forgiveness, and pass that on to others.  It frees us of hateful feelings, and allows us to move on in our lives.  May you find peace in forgiving others who have hurt you, by feeding the ‘forgiveness’ wolf!

As we head towards the end of the 2021 school year, we thank all students, families and the College community for their continued support.  We pray a blessing on our Year 12 students as they move on to the next chapter of their lives, and look forward to a restful Christmas break, ready for a strong and productive 2022.


Jamie Fewster