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From the Early Learning Centre

Whilst we are nearing the end of Term Three, there has been a lot of exciting learning happening in the past 9 weeks. We welcomed 12 new children and their families into our Kindergarten at the beginning of the term. There is always a transitional period of adjustment for everyone as expectations are learnt, dynamics change within the group, and new friendships formed. It has been lovely watching the progress and development of all our learners. They have adapted with courage, kindness and grace.

You may have seen or heard of our exciting news that we are extending our established Kindergarten program to offer long day care for three-to-five-year old’s. This has been met with great excitement and interest amongst our community. Offering long day care will enable working parents extended hours of care as well as throughout the School Holiday period. It also allows parents to access childcare rebates if eligible, so very affordable for everyone.

Whilst we are still in the early planning stages you can register your interest by contacting the Administration team for a potential Term Three 2022 start!

Want to get in to our Early Learning Centre earlier? If you have a child turning four before April 30th 2022, then they are eligible to start our four year old Kindergarten program in Term One 2022. Transition to Kindy will begin early in Term Four this year, so if you have been thinking of joining our College or Early Learning Centre, you can take a tour with Mrs Ally Barclay our Head of Junior School before deciding or committing to anything. To do this simply book a tour through our Administration team.

Looking to entertain the kids and get out and about? We invite you to come and attend our Li’l Gator’s Playgroup on Monday’s held between Week’s 3 and 8 in Term Four. This is a great way to get to know our College Community and environment! For further details you can follow our #navigatorcollege and/or #navigatorkindy Instagram pages.

Enjoy the holiday break everyone!

Kind Regards,

Kelly Freeman