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End of Term Principal’s Message

As I look through many of the highlights of the year detailed in the pages of the College Magazine for 2021, I can’t help but be incredibly proud of the amazing achievements that staff, students, parents and community have collaborated together to achieve this year. Thanks!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all members of our community a Merry Christmas. May your break be restful and safe as you celebrate the festive season and reflect on the significance of Christmas to you and your family. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your feedback through the strategic planning process. This feedback has strongly informed our next steps and our goals as part of our strategic plan. This plan was ratified by our College Council Tuesday night. We look forward to implementing many of the suggestions that came from our students, parents and wider community, as we continue to build a College that serves the needs of this community. An updated statement of purpose; new mission and vision statement and key strategic areas have been identified. We have three main focuses for 2022-2024:- Learning, Culture and College Development. Under each of these focus areas we have detailed strategies and goals that we’ve identified as key indicators of developmental success in these areas. We have already begun with a number of strategic staffing appointments to support this plan and a significant investment of resources. 

More information will come as we launch these strategies beginning 2022. 

We are really excited to share the news with our College community that we are going to begin our relationship with The Resilience Project as a partnership school from the beginning of 2022. The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to support positive mental health and build resilience. Presentations will include stories and research on how we can build mental health in our day to day lives, and support the mental health of the children in our care. 

We will share more about what The Resilience Project will look like in our school early in 2022, but in the meantime we encourage families to engage with the free resources available through the TRP@Home webpage.


Staffing update for 2022

To those who are leaving our community, may you  have a wonderful future as you embrace new challenges and new horizons. To those who are joining our community in 2022, we look forward to partnering with you in the important role of education.

Tegan Moir – Canteen
Neville Leslie – Bus Driver
Alana Sherry – Teacher
Jacob Hannemann (Old Scholar) – Teacher
Helen Hopping – Teacher
Jackie Fiebig – Teacher
Maddie Trueman – Teacher
Peter Robson – Teacher
Stefana Zadow – Teacher
Alicia Baines – Teacher
Kelsey Benci – Teacher                           

Sonia Ford – Teacher
Carlyn Manners – Teacher

Nola Kennedy-Williams
Carley Kelly
Kirrilee Foster

Mel Fiacchi
Nikki Auricht
Michelle Mav
Hahmany Agars
Jess Haagmans
Nicole Jurgens
Ange Schubert
Andrew Carey
Alicia Leonard
Cindy Hoskison
Swov Kutny
Brian Fiegert
Nick Foster
Brad Keast
Alex Jaeger