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End of Term Dress up

At the end of each term, students are invited to participate in a dress up theme for the last day of term for a gold coin donation. Each House has a turn at choosing a charity for the gold coin donation to go towards. This Term Magellan have chosen ‘Little bags of Hope’.

Little Bags Of Hope is a not-for-profit charity who aim to provide backpacks of both essential, comforting  and fun items for children entering the foster care system, kinship care and residential care facilities on the Eyre Peninsula. These backpacks help make what is a traumatic time just a little easier. We believe that providing children with a backpack gives them comfort knowing something belongs to them.

End of Term 1 Dress up theme:

Senior School – “Back in Black” (think bands from the 80’s and 90’s (e.g. AC/DC), or any kind of ‘blast from the past’ type things)!

Middle School – “Colour my world” show us how bright you can be!

Junior School – Wear something that will brighten yours and others day!