An Interview with Mark ‘Buck’ Taylor – Submersible Pilot Extraordinaire

On Wednesday the year 8/9 students were lucky enough to have a Zoom Q & A with Mark ‘Buck’ Taylor who is the Submersible Pilot and team leader from Ocean Warrior, Mark took David Attenborough in his sub during the Blue Planet II series. He has worked with The Discovery Chanel, National Geographic, and the BBC.

Mark talked to the students on Wednesday about his experience ‘behind the scenes’ of a documentary and also shared about the upcoming BBC series he is about to start shooting in Florida. We were able to see the submersible that he works with and he talked us through

All Year 8’s and 9’s were involved in this presentation by asking well thought out questions which asked about how filming in a submersible works, to what some of his experience have been. Mark shared how without team work, many of the productions he has been a part of would not be possible.

Students were also able to practice filming using a DSLR camera as well as practice flying a drone. The footage below shows one of the students first flights!

This was an amazing experience for our students to use technology to meet with Mark who was on the other side of the world and to start their journey into film and documentary making.

Mark encouraged the students to “Be adventurous and to explore the world.”