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Being an IB School

We hope our students will help to build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) value adds to the Australian national curriculum because:

  • it encourages students to think critically and develop as open-minded thinkers
  • encourages students to consider their local, national and international environment when learning about concepts and issues

In order to teach IB programs, schools must go through an ongoing process of authorisation to ensure they are remaining current and progressive, reflective and internationally relevant.

Every school authorised to offer IB programs is known as an IB World School.

Navigator College is an authorised IB World School offering both the Primary Years Programme (PYP – Kindy to Year 5) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP – Year 6 to Year 9).

The IB framework enables us to teach the Australian national curriculum with a focus on being internationally minded and thinking beyond our immediate environment. Aligned with international standards, the IB programme is taught in more than 109 countries around the world which means despite our remote Port Lincoln location we are connected locally, nationally and globally to learning and action.

Students think about how they learn best

Through IB Programmes, IB students 'learn how to learn' by developing a range of 'Approaches to Learning' skills. They are encouraged to develop skills in organisation and self-management and take responsibility for their own educational progress.

Our programmes help IB students:

  • ask challenging questions
  • think critically
  • develop research skills
  • take action
  • be reflective
  • be strong communicators
  • be principled
  • extend care

IB programmes encourage students to be active in their communities and to take their learning beyond academic pursuits to be lifelong learners and agents of change for a better world.

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