Year 8 Errappa Camp

The year 8 Errappa camp presented a fantastic opportunity for our Year 8 students to grow in their self-confidence, courage and closeness as a group. Monday through to Wednesday the 44 Year 8’s embarked on an adventure to the Errappa Police Camp in Iron Knob. The experiences included orienteering, rock climbing, high wires, laser skirmish, and the infamous ‘Leap of Faith’. The peer encouragement, group camaraderie, teamwork and personal achievements of many kinds are a great cause for celebration, and a superb way to start the year.

Danah Slade ‘I loved hanging out with my friends and finally catching the Leap of Faith with two hands’.
Ben ‘I learnt to work together with other people better’
Hannah Richardson ‘I loved trying new things and facing my fears
Isis ‘I enjoyed facing my fears’
Charlotte ‘I enjoyed defeating my fears by completing the Leap of Faith’
Kya ‘I made new friends and got to know them better’
Ruby ‘I enjoyed being able to face my fears on the ropes and the Leap of Faith’
Jonah ‘The Leap of Faith was a lot harder than when you were up there, but doing it was fun’

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