From the Year 2/3 Classes

We have been busy in our first fortnight together! The Year 2/3 students have begun exploring “love” and “service” in Christian Studies. They have finished creatively and thoughtfully setting up our class essential agreements for Learning, Safety, Communication and Respect so we can have a wonderful learning environment. We have been delving into Maths with some new mental computation games and exploring place-value in numbers. The students played Calculator Fish. We also did our class Maths surveys to find out how each of us feel about Maths, what we think Maths is and our areas of confidence and challenge. They students then sorted the anonymous answers to discover the picture of our class as a whole. In groups the students made their own way to present the data. Next week we will begin our Transdisciplinary Unit inquiring into our learning styles. Here are some photos of what they Year 2/3 students have been up to so far this year.

Photo 1: We learnt about Rainbow Facts this week – numbers that make 10. We played a mental computation game, here is Hannah Moseby and Caid Kemp playing it.

Photo 1 - yr 2 3Photo 2: Ella and Chace playing “Cross Out”

Photo 3 - Yr 2 3

Photo 3:  Fletcher, Jesse and Georgia planning their classroom learning 2 - yr 2 3