Year 12 Students in top 12% of students in the Country!

The College would especially like to congratulate Alanah Beard, Max Cooper, Emily Graetz, Jemima May and Brittany Siviour, who all received ATARs placing them in the top 12% of year 12 students in  the country.

We would also like to congratulate the entire year 12 cohort of 2014 for their excellent academic results. Reports from both the South Australian Certificate of Education Board were glowing, of note were:

100% SACE completion rate

60% of students receiving at least 1 A grade

23% of all grades in the A band

57% of all grades in the B band

19% of all grades in the C band

We were also thrilled to see reports from the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre reflecting this, as 19 of 21 students who applied for university positions received either their first or second preference.

  • What an AWESOME effort from the 2014 Year 12 students. They should all be so proud of themselves! Commendations to Navigator College staff & community for providing such a fantastic learning environment & support to students undertaking such an important and challenging year in their lives. Just reinforces what a fantastic school Navigator College is.

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