University Researcher Visit to observe Mathematics in our Junior School

Navigator College’s Junior School has been approached by the University of Tasmania to be involved in a project titled Building an evidence Base for National Best Practice in Mathematics Education.

ACARA has identified our Junior School as having made superior gains in NAPLAN numeracy during 2011-2014 and the University research team would like to research early next week (Week 7), what we are doing here at our college that has sparked this improvement.

The project is funded through the Office of the Chief Scientist, and is being conducted in all states and territories, and within government, Catholic and independent schools. The project team comprises experienced Mathematics educators from a consortium of universities across Australia, led by the University of Tasmania. The study aims to identify factors that influence achievement in Mathematics and looking more closely at what successful schools are doing that helps students learn maths.

There are two parts to the research; a survey of principals, teachers of Mathematics, and students, and case studies of selected schools.

If you have a child in Years 2,3,4 or 5 your child may be selected for a discussion session. In preparation for this he/she will bring home with them a consent form to be signed along with more detailed information.

Our College is excited to be involved in this research project and look forward to reading the findings. What a great opportunity to be directly involved in a research project that has a positive outlook!