Uniform News – Middle and Senior School

Navigator College is changing the sports uniform for Middle School and Senior School students from Navy to Charcoal.  As of Summer 2016/2017, (term 4 2016) the current navy sports uniform will become obsolete and charcoal will take its place.  In the interim, either navy or charcoal may be worn but a combination of both is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  • Just in response to the change in sports uniform for middle & senior school, I am interested to know why this decision was made? I personally think the Navy and Gold looks great as a sports uniform and suits both male & female students. Obviously without seeing the new charcoal sportswear, it is perhaps premature to pass judgement, however my initial concerns are that being such a dark colour, they could feel hotter for the students to wear and look quite heavy. Ultimately I hope I am mistaken but would really appreciate your feedback.
    Many Thanks,

    Kerrie Broome

    • Hi Kerry, Thank you for your feedback, we really do appreciate hearing from our parents and being able to respond.
      A decision was made at College Council due to the fact that Navy is not part of of uniform logo colours and as such needed to change. The Uniform Coordinators researched with the uniform suppliers and it was found that the new Sport Uniform is a better weave fabric and now fits with the general uniform colours. (The lighter suede blue was not available). Please be reassured that the charcoal is actually lighter in colour than the Navy so in essence this should be cooler. We welcome people to come and view the uniform at the Uniform Shop during opening hours – its looks great 🙂

      • Hi Di,
        Thanks so much for your reply. You have ease some of my concerns and I now really look forward to seeing it next time I am in the Uniform Shop.

        Kindest Regards,


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