UNIFORM – A gentle reminder to our students and families

Thank you to all parents/caregivers who make sure their children are in the correct school uniform on a daily basis. As a College we are really proud of our school uniform and the students who wear it with pride. Navigator College students can not only be recognised by their uniform but can also be identified by their confidence, compassion, open mindedness and passion for life.

The school uniform is a large part of our College Culture which we endeavour to uphold and we have noticed increasing numbers of students who are not wearing correct school uniform. We believe this is mainly due to forgetting or not knowing the details of the uniform policy.

You can find the FULL UNIFORM POLICY online here > http://www.navigator.sa.edu.au/parents/uniforms/

We would like to make special mention to the below policies that we feel have been over looked.

Hair which is shoulder length and below MUST be tied back and kept out of the face. Black ribbons, or headbands may be used. Plain gold or silver clips, thin black elastic hair ties and bobby pins are acceptable. White ribbon may be worn with summer uniform.

Students are to wear no more than one pair of earrings of plain gold or silver, round stud or sleepers for pierced ears – in each ear lobe, no greater than 3mm. Open earrings (stretchers) are not acceptable.

No nail polish will be permitted.

Sports Socks –White with College stripe and name (BOY / GIRL)
Uniform Socks – BOYS: (summer/winter) black with College stripe and name. GIRLS: (summer) white College stripe and name. (Winter) black knee high or opaque tights.

ONLY to be worn when practical sport lessons (or sporting events) are scheduled on the given day.
Approved sports sandshoes/cross trainer style. Novelty shoes e.g. flashing lights, licenced pictures, wheels are not allowed.

Approved black leather lace up or buckle shoes that take a shine (Year 3 – 12). As stated, plus a velcro shoe or black pull on boot that take a shine (ELC – Year 2 only)

Students are required to wear their blazer to and from the College at all times with the exception of scheduled PE days.

Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labelled.

We thank you in advance for your support with ensuring your child has correct uniform on daily.