Twilight Market Feedback

We are looking for our families feedback on the Twilight Markets.  Your feedback will helps us to improve the Markets  for staff, students and families.

Please leave your feedback comments below.

Thank you.


  • twilight markets were great this year, however I and other parents feel that , even though the clusters provide great shelter in horrible weather, there is better atmosphere when everyone is together, as in previous years when the EFM oval was used.

    • Hi Cathie, that is really good feedback, thank you. It’s obviously mixed feeling with the layout, many parents last year voted we stay with the throughout the College (within the clusters). I’d love to hear from other parents as to how they feel about the layout and whether we intact do move back out to the oval area?

  • the children told me they wanted more activities,as in previous years with the motorbike rides and golf,horse rides.maybe for the older kids,a form of paintball,or skirmish mini golf archery for prizes.they commented there were plenty of food choices.trampolines with elastic harnesses is always a hit at tunarama.anyway hope this helps,regards terry

    • Thanks Terry, we really appreciate your feedback! We had the same feeling that we needed to offer more attractions, especially for the older children. You have suggested some great ideas and we will definitely look into these for next year.

  • We had a great time at the twilight markets, there were so many food options to choose from. The children loved the bouncy castles, reptile house and we all enjoyed a bit of time out in the new early learning centre play area. Thank you for all the hard work that teachers, students and volunteers put into making the night a success.

  • anne-marie.schwark

    Excellent Market – was very impressed with the organisation and professional manner it was held – and was excellent to listen to the talented musical students from the school WELL DONE NAVIGATORS

    • Thanks Anne-Marie! We are very privileged to have many talented musicians within our cohort of students and it’s fantastic to see them perform on the night.

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