Tuesday 2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day.

One in every 70 people in Australia is on the Autism Spectrum.  It is likely that you know someone on the spectrum, perhaps a family member, friend, workmate – even your child or their peer.

Autism can impair social interaction, communication and behaviour, making participation in education, employment and relationships challenging.

A lack of understanding means that many children on the spectrum struggle to make and keep friends and are left out of social activities- leading to feelings of exclusion and isolation.

By creating change in our College community and wider Port Lincoln community, we can help children on the spectrum meaningfully participate in the world around them.  Our goal should be to create a world where no one on the Autism Spectrum is left behind.  Creating change begins with education.  Further information can be found here;




We also have a variety of picture books available in the Navigator College library, including “My Friend With Autism”, “The Butterfly’s Flight”, and “My Brother is Autistic”.


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