Sports Day Practice

Don’t forget to send your child/ren in full sports uniform tomorrow (7th March) for the Sports Day practice.

Thank you also to those who have already returned the donation and volunteer form for Sports Day next week.  These forms are due to be returned tomorrow (7th March).  We are still requiring some help on the foodstand, so if you are able to volunteer an hour of your time it would be most appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Hi, In regards to sports day we run our own business so wont be able to attend the whole day. Is it possible you can roughly advise us on times receptions will be participating or is it from 9- 2pm. We have not attended a sports day as yet so not sure how the day runs!
    Thankyou, look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Lucy, on the back of the newsletter (which I am just placing on the website now) is a timetable of the days events. Hope this helps, Di 🙂

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