2018 Splash Carnival – Update

Thank you for your patience with the change of date for the Navigator College “Splash Carnival”. It will now be held on Thursday 22nd February (Week 4).

All details will remain the same:

The buses will be running to transport students from the College to Cummins; however, families have the option to organise their own transport for their children to the pool and to meet us there for the day. If you are transporting students to the pool, they will need to arrive at the pool before 10am. Teacher supervision will be available in Cummins from 8.30am if you need to drop your child/ren off early.

Parents are encouraged to stay and support their children or to help out with timing. Please make contact with us at the school if you are available to assist with this role. There will be canteen facilities for student use, provided by the Cummins pool. They will have a range of food and drinks available as per previous email including the menu, and the menu is also still available on our Blog.

We will be using the Consent Forms from the original date; however if any changes need to be made, please advise us by contacting Administration or replying to afiegert@navigator.sa.edu

Travel Options:
Option 1:     Bus.

  • I give permission for my child to travel from Navigator College to Cummins by bus provided by the College. Arrive at school at normal time.

Option 2:     Own transport

  • I will be providing or organising transport to the Cummins Pool. My child will arrive before 10am. I understand that I will also need to provide transport home at 2pm.