Splash Carnival Canteen Menu

The Cummins Swimming Pool Committee will be running a Canteen at the Navigator  College Splash Carnival on Friday, 9th February 2018. 

While we will have assorted hot food and healthy options available throughout the day it is advisable for students to pre-order on the morning on arrival. 

Please hand a named envelope with money and listed food items to the Canteen staff, and then orders can be collected by students or staff when required.

Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Ice creams and confectionary will also be available to purchase throughout the day.

Your support for our Canteen on this day will ensure profits made on this day will fund our increasing operational costs to keep our pool open for all our communities and districts to enjoy.

Cummins Swimming Pool Canteen Price List – 2018

 Chicken and Salad Rolls- $5.50
Ham and Salad Rolls – $5.50
Salad Rolls – $4.00
Chicken and Salad Wraps $4.00
Ham and Salad Wraps- $4.00
Ham & Salad Sandwiches $3.50
Chicken & Salad Sandwiches $3.50
Pies – $4.50
Pasties – $4.50
Sausage Rolls – $4.00
Hot Dogs – Roll $4.00
Hot Dogs – Bread $3.00
Calypso Hot Dogs – $4.50
Toasted Sandwiches – $4.00
Ham/Cheese, Ham/Cheese/Tomato
Fresh Fruit Salad Cups – $4.00