Service Learning Trip Update

Hello Everyone,

We have safely arrived in KL! After a visit to Harbourtown in between flights we travelled the long trek to KL. The food was quite nice and the movies were great entertainment. However I have to say watching Katelyn and Kharlie bopping around to the kids music was perhaps a little more entertaining!
I’ve got to say I am pretty happy with the way they have stuck together and listened to us when needed. They are already quite a cohesive group which is lovely to see.
By the way it’s a lovely, hot 30 degrees here!

Mrs. M.C

  • Didnt want to be the first to write you a message in case you all thought I was a needy mother….but hey I couldnt help myself. I hope you guys are having a great time and love to see the updates on here and facebook. We miss you Karhlie but are very glad we sent you on the journey!!! What an amazing opportunity. Stay safe, God bless, have fun and Karhlie………….dont forget your tablets! Lol !!!
    Love from Danielle Gil and Georgia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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