Service Learning Trip Update 30th September

Today was another early start to the day, with a 5:30 wake up. Both Hayden were pretty tired when we woke but after our COLD SHOWER we were up and ready to go and were the first people out for breakfast. The first stop for the day was to the GKPS church which even though we were in a different country was very similar to our services back home. During the service, we as a group stood up in front of the church and introduce ourselves. Hayden and i said a bit more than just our name in Indonesian and as soon as we finished the congregation started clapping. Im fairly sure though, that during the service they were paying us out because the minister pointed to us, said something and then the whole congregation laughed. After the service we stood outside in a line and we shook everyone’s hand because everyone wanted to meet us (around one hundred handshakes per person). We then showed our movie to some of the kids and then we split up and talked to the kids individually. The group that i was with were interested with why my hair as in the photos I showed them it was long and now it is short. I then had to explain to them about AFL and that we won the Grand Final so I got my hair shaved off.  After the service we went back to Wisma Tululy (the hotel) to get changed and then head off again for a walk and found some lunch. For lunch we had pork and fish with either Coke of Sarsaparilla for a drink. After lunch we continued walking to a market and we bought a wok to take to the orphanage. From the markets we headed off to the the orphanage to meet all of the children. After we all introduced ourselves we played a bit of soccer with the the kids. We lost 3-1 and as soon as we scored the goal we stopped the game and then went back to the hotel (The kids were going easy on us though because they were so good compared to us). Currently we are an a Milay (a clan of the Indonesian people) Restaurant enjoying a feast of fish, chicken, beans as well as chili, chili an more chili. At the moment Hayden and I are really the only ones who are  eating the chili and loving  it.


Have go lots of photos too show when we get back as well as many funny stories to tell.

Hayden  and I now  have to teach everyone Indonesian  because we are the only ones who  can  say the most  words in Indonesian  as well as  understanding it.


Matthew Siviour