Service Learning Trip Update 2nd October

Today 2nd October, the students returned to the orphanage to celebrate our partnership. Todays activities included planting seeds and making handy craft. However the highlight was catching dinner. This entailed getting into a mud bath! What was originally a pool of water had been drained to leave very shallow and an almost non existent level of water. The idea is that once the water level has dropped the fish are easily identified and caught by hand, this means that you had to  get your feet wet (or Muddy). Who knew what was about to transpire? I did ! After all the fish where caught, of course a mud fight had to begin. The pictures tell the story.


After cleaning up we then had the fish for dinner and enjoyed a celebration of music and dancing to farewell each other. It was a sad time as many emotional connections were made, in such a short time, between the students. We were definitely blessed by our experience at Magaritha Orphanage I we look forward to an influx of emails to maintain connections between us all.

Mr Cox


2nd of October we were due for another experience at the orphanage to celebrate our partnership. Todays activities included planting seeds with Nelle and Rina followed by handy craft and dishes after a delicious lunch provided to us. As the day carried on we lingered around. As more students arrived back from school we ventured into physical activities with the students such as football and soccer. It was now that we had realized that our partnership had grown much stronger. These orphans were not just any normal orphans. To me these kids are gifted through there talent, every child at the orphanage had something to share, thats love for one another.


We can only learn so much from these children and adults as we see the dedication and care for each other hand in hand.


After catching our dinner in a mud bath I sprinted for a quick shower leaving the outrageous mud fight. As the night started to begin we came together for the talent show, including dancing and a celebration of music. Once the night was called over the emotional connections were revealed and our love for each other thrives forever.


we will never forget <3

Hayden Ellis

  • It sounds like everyone is having the most amazing experience, cant wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. especially of the fishing by hand and mud fight !!!

    Kaylene Dufek

  • Uta Enneking-Mcquillan

    Hi everyone
    It is great to hear about your experiences. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and all the best
    Mrs Mcquillan

  • Sounds like you are all having a fantastic time. Enjoy every moment
    for what it brings, as all too soon it will only be memories – but
    brilliant ones. The experiences that you are having & will encounter
    will be amazing & I am sure you will be always grateful to Ms MC, Mr
    Cox, Miss Morel & Mrs Gardner.
    For what it’s worth…. Sydney won the AFL final by 10 points.
    We will look forward to hearing your stories…… from experience
    write little notes down for yourself, you will be glad you did in
    years to come, to read back on thoughts, feelings & happenings.
    May God continue to bless & watch over each and every one of you as
    you embark on your mission & service trip.
    With love, Jamie, Anne & Damon Siviour 🙂

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