Service Learning Trip Update 29th September

Yesterday we had a lovely wake up call at 5:30am so we could catch a plane to Medan. The plane trip was an hour but it felt like nothing compared to the 8 hour flight on Thursday. We arrived at Medan and settled in to our hotel where we would be staying that night. Not long after we left the hotel to have lunch at a nearby food court, the food was interesting but still extremely delicious. After lunch we went to a local market which was a whole new experience for everyone, one of the hardest challenges was seeing the state of how many people sold their items and how much they rely on tourist purchases. After the markets we walked back to our hotel and went for a two hour swim (thank goodness). After relaxing for a few hours we met up with Ridwin who walked us to the shopping mall where we were to have tea. Crossing the roads was one of the scariest moments because you have to wait for a small opening and just walk. Overall it was an exciting day and an experience that will last a lifetime.

Katelyn & Karhlie