Service Learning Trip Update 29-12-12

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we flew then we flew but then…. We flew. After all of our flying we arrived at kuala lumpur and stayed the night in a fancy hotel. We had a 5:30 wakeup call (it was lovely) were flying again today for an hour to medan and we will be spending a night in the hotel there tonight. Were all missing everyone back home and can’t wait ti tell everyone about the exciting trip that we are having.

Katelyn & karhlie


Hi all,

Today we are on a bus to Permatangsiantar. It’s nice and air conditioned in the bus which is good because we are going to be sitting in it for around about three hours. Stopping for water -bottled – at the moment, and the bus driver is reversing to park down a main street! Man, he’s game. I am excited for the new cultures that we are experiencing as it is putting into perspective how different we all are. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all.



Hey there everyone back at home,

Yesterday once again we had another plane flight, luckily only an hour this time, to Medan. Yet again we were very spoilt and stayed at an amazing hotel with the opportunity to treat ourselves with a well deserved swim in the hotel pool to refresh and relax. We spent some time shopping at markets where we purchased a guitar to donate to the orphanage. It was definitely an eye opener to see how other people live! We’ve all been having the time of our lives learning about another culture and can’t wait for the many more opportunities that will arise.

Missing family and friends back at home, can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Hayden & Tiarna


Hello Australia,

Over the last two/three days we have experience a whole different world. The first experience we had was an 8 hour plane flight to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. We left Adelaide around 2:30 and landed in KL around 9pm. We stayed at the Pan Pacific, which was a stunning place! Once we were through customs and collected our bags we had races through the airport with our trollies. RISE AND SHINE, with a 5:45am wake to go to the airport and we left to Medan. We arrived and it was so hot and humid, but it was so good to have hot weather for once, since Port Lincoln fails at it. Today, the 29th we’re on the bus on a 4 hour bus trip to Permatangsiantar. Missing everyone back in South Australia, can’t wait to tell everyone The stories.


Dylan Swincer


Hi everyone back home in australia.

The last couple of days have been so exciting. For once I can say that we are millionaire. The food have been amazing so far and very cheap to (lunch and a drink was about $4!!!). The weather is taking a bit to get used to but we will manage. Yesterday we went with Ridwin and Rev. Basa and her family to the markets which was pretty confronting with the beggars on the street. Crossing a road is going to take a bit to get used to though, because if there is no stop lights and you want to cross all you have to do is simply walk out onto the road with your hand out telling the traffic to stop (they don’t always stop though). Cannot wait to tell you stories when we get back.



Friends and family-


Wow, what an incredible experience we are having! Even now as we are writing, the scenery on our bus ride is gorgeous. Today we are traveling by bus, going through forests. Every second  is something new that you want to take a photo of! The different environment is amazing. The roads are very scary, busy and intense. Learning how to cross these roads has been quite a challenge. Apparently holding your hand out and running is the way to go. The places in which we’ve been past so far really show how hard working these people are, even the children! We’ve seen little kids working hard polishing shoes and carrying heavy things on their heads. It makes you feel guilty knowing that there’s not much we can do to assist. Its hard, but we’ve all got each other- and apparently we haven’t seen half of it yet! We’ve been astounded by the kindness of these people, always keen to help in whichever way. Anyway, we better pass on the iPad. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you- but for now it’s time to catch up on some zzz’s.

Lots of love,

Lori & Bec xxxxxxxxx

  • What an amazing adventure you are on!! I am really enjoying hearing your stories and am looking forward to more 🙂
    Michelle (Briarne & Kira’s Mum)

  • Thanks for the update, looks like you are going really well and enjoying the opportunity that you are so very fortunate to have. Keep safe and take care.

  • Sounds like you guys are having a ball!!!! Enjoy the weather……..its cold here as usual. No news from Port Lincoln. Missing you like crazy…..Georgia bored without Karhlie and Katie. Love you all….God Bless
    Mumma Green

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