Senior School Curriculum

Important staff contacts:

Head of Senior School:

Jamie Fewster

Student Pathways Coordinator (incl. SACE Coordinator)

Guy Bagshaw


Welcome to our on-line Curriculum information for the Senior School!


Thank you for visiting our online Curriculum information.  We believe that we can provide the most up-to-date information on all of our course offerings though this format; updating course requirements and pathways as they become available.  Some changes happen throughout the year, so stay tuned to this site for the most current information.

Should you require a hard-copy of any of the subject information, click on the ‘print’ icon at the top of any page.  You will be able to save as a ‘pdf’ to your own device, or print as needed.

Through a comprehensive range of subjects, Navigator aims to prepare Senior School students for a variety of tertiary and vocational pathways, equipping them with the skills to make positive contributions to the community. Academic excellence is a strong focus and we encourage all students to strive for success in SACE.

The Curriculum Guide provides information about courses offered at Navigator College in 2017 for students in the Senior School. It is written to help you make decisions on your courses of study for 2017 and beyond, and it provides an outline of the subjects to be offered here at Navigator College.

Please be aware that whilst all subjects contained on this website are offered here at Navigator College, course viability is always considered with regards to class sizes.  If a course does not contain the required number of enrollments then other options are investigated (e.g. partnership with other schools, Open Access, re-counselling of subjects etc.).

Navigator College is committed to ensuring that all students can achieve the best possible outcomes and gain access to all available post-school pathways, including all tertiary options.  If you have a specific subject requirement, please speak to the Head of Senior School or Pathways Coordinators regarding the options.

Senior School Students at Navigator College are offered a choice of two pathways:

  1. The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
  2. Vocational Education and Training (VET) within the SACE

Within each pathway there is a wide range of subjects offered at Navigator College.  It requires a degree of self-awareness and knowledge and some longer term goals to make decisions about courses and subjects in Years 10, 11 and 12.  The Personal Learning Plan (PLP), the compulsory SACE subject taken by all students in Year 10, is designed to prepare students for this decision making process.

The selection process is sometimes difficult.  Start by asking some important questions.

These include:

  • What can I realistically achieve if I work hard? What courses are appropriate to my abilities, interests and motivation?
  • What is my preferred vocation? i.e. To what area of employment do I feel suited? What types of careers within the broader vocation area would suit my interests and abilities?
  • What actual qualifications will I need to obtain to follow this career choice? What must I do to obtain these? (Be careful not to assume either too much or too little about what is required.)
  • What is an appropriate combination of subjects for me to study? Will it enable me to achieve my vocational goals, while being flexible enough to allow me to change my mind? Is it balanced?

It is then a good idea to discuss your current progress, your ideas on subjects and your long term ambitions with many people: parents, relatives, subject teachers, home group teachers, senior staff and friends of the family. All can help in some way, whether by their knowledge of a particular occupation, or by their awareness of your abilities and characteristics. Do not expect to do a subject if you have not met its assumed knowledge.

Read carefully through the information provided, making sure that you  understand what you are selecting. Seek clarification if you are unsure of anything.

In the end, the decision is yours, and you have to own it. Remember to pray about it – let God be your partner as you plan your future pathway.

Wishing you every blessing as you consider your future directions here at Navigator College!


Yours in Christ,


Jamie Fewster

Head of Senior School