Sciences – Stage 2 Psychology


Staff contact

Nola Kennedy Williams


SACE Credits/Course Length

20 Credits (Full year)


Assumed knowledge or Required/recommended background

No pre-requisite for Stage 2 Psychology.  Successful completion of Stage 1 Psychology recommended.


Course outline

The subject enables students to learn foundation principles of psychology, the ethics and conduct of research, and application to a range of social issues and to personal growth through teacher facilitated discussion and individual reflection.


Course content

The topics to be covered in the program include:

Introduction to Psychology

Social Cognition



Psychobiology of Altered States of Awareness

Healthy Minds


All topics are taught in relation to their specific level of explanation (Biological, Basic Processes, Person level, Socio-cultural level) and the ‘Healthy Minds’ topic integrates all levels of explanation.



30%  Investigation Folio

  • Group Investigation
  • Individual Investigation
  • Issues Investigation

40% Skills and Application Tasks (Supervised Tests on the following topics)

  • Social Cognition
  • Learning
  • Personality
  • Altered States of Awareness
  • Trial Exam

30% External Examination