Sciences – Stage 2 Chemistry

Staff Contact

Nathan Wohling


Required Background

Successful completion of Stage 1 Chemistry


SACE Credits/Course Length

20 Credits (Full Year)


Course Outline

Stage 2 Chemistry offers students the opportunity to engage in the exploration of the way Chemistry is essential to understand the environment we live in and the materials and products, and processes that exist and operate in our world.

The practical based course explores 5 Key topics of Chemistry:

  1. Elemental and Environmental Chemistry
  2. Analytical Chemistry
  3. Using and Controlling Reactions
  4. Organic Chemistry
  5. Materials

The course is structured such that students regularly engage in practical experiences and demonstrations to connect theory and practice. Students are given the opportunity to question and inquire of the chemical world, and are encouraged to use the practical experiences as opportunity to connect ideas, across units as well as with real life applications of Chemistry.

The Chemistry course is structured to include 3 x 50-minute classroom lessons, coupled with 2 x 50-minute laboratory session each week. Students are offered opportunity to engage in blended learning experiences, including teacher instruction, collaborative inquiry, video tutorials, interactive simulations, and hands on practical application.



Assessment consists of three types:

  1. Investigations Folio Tasks (40%) – Including Practical Experiments and Issues Investigations
  2. Skills and Applications Tasks (30%) – Including Supervised Tests, Exams and assignments.
  3. External Examination (30%) – 3 Hours in duration, covering all course content and skills.

The Chemistry course is both demanding and rewarding. Students are required to have completed a full year of Stage 1 Chemistry to enter the Stage 2 course, and must be aware of the volume of knowledge and skills needed to be gained through the course. Self-motivation and a passion to inquire of the way the world is structured and operates at a molecular level is of great advantage.

Chemistry provides an excellent knowledge base to enter a wide variety of career pathways.

These may include the field of health and medicine, agriculture, engineering, research.