Sciences – Stage 1 Psychology

Staff contact

Nola Kennedy Williams


SACE Credits/Course Length

10 Credits (20 Weeks – 1 Semester)


Assumed knowledge or Required/recommended background

No pre-requisite for Stage 1 Psychology


Course outline

Stage 1 Psychology is a single semester, 10 point SACE subject which introduces students to the foundation principles of behaviour, the ethics of research, and allows application to social issues (eg. of human psychological development and interaction between people at the social level).


Course content

The topics to be covered in the single semester program include:

Introduction to Psychology

Social Behaviour


Brain and Behaviour



All topics are taught in relation to their specific level of explanation. The four levels of explanation for behaviour are: Biological, Basic Processes, Person level, Socio-cultural level of explanation for behaviour.


Teaching methodologies make use of a range of media sources, including YouTube clips, videos and internet sites.



Students have the option of presenting evidence of learning in a range of formats e.g. slide and oral presentations and written tasks.

  • Group Investigation – Group assessment for proposal. Three lessons allocated for proposal development and data analysis. Individual assessment of report. Word limit 1000 words. (20% of final grade)
  • Issues investigation: 5 minute oral presentation. Appendix included with sources acknowledged and evaluated. (20% of final grade)
  • Three (3) x Topic Tests – Single lesson. Direct teacher supervision. (20% of final grade)
  • Scenario analysis: Double lesson for preparation, 1 lesson for presentation. Direct teacher supervision. (20% of final grade)
  • Test – End of Year Semester Exam – 2 Hour Supervised Exam (20% of final grade)