Sciences – Stage 1 Chemistry

Staff Contact

Nathan Wohling


Required Background



SACE Credits/Course Length

10 Credits per Semester (20 weeks).  Students may study both Semester 1 and 2 as the courses cover different content.


Course Outline

Stage 1 Chemistry offers students the opportunity to explore Chemical science and make sense of the world we live in and the products that we often take for granted. The course also provides insight into the inner workings of innovative technologies that will shape the future of our world. The course takes students from understanding the basic building blocks of matter, to the everyday uses of electrochemistry, organic chemistry and polymer technology.

The practical based course explores 8 Key topics of Chemistry:

  1. Elemental Chemistry and The Periodic Table
  2. Different types of bonding – Metallic, Ionic and Covalent
  3. Acids, Bases their interactions and applications
  4. Analytical chemistry – Calorimetry (Measuring energy) and Volumetric analysis
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Carbon Based Fuels
  7. Organic Chemistry
  8. Materials and Polymers

The Stage 1 course enables students to develop to a high level the skills required for Stage 2 Chemistry. Many assessments in the Stage 1 course provide opportunity for critical and creative thinking by students to find solutions to challenging problems. The course is structured such that students regularly engage in practical experiences and demonstrations to connect theory and practice.

The Chemistry course is structured to include 3 x 50-minute classroom lessons, coupled with 2 x 50-minute laboratory session each week. Students are supported in many ways including teacher instruction, collaborative inquiry, video tutorials, interactive simulations, and hands on practical application.



Assessment consists of three types:

  1. Investigations Folio Tasks (60%) – Including Practical Experiments and Issues Investigations
  2. Skills and Applications Tasks (40%) – Including Supervised Tests, Exams and assignments.

Students who wish to undertake Stage 2 Chemistry must complete a full year of Stage 1 Chemistry as a prerequisite.