Responsible and Safe Online Citizens

Dear Parents,

The digital environment offers so many opportunities for our young people and community. For this to be a positive and safe platform, it is important that we work together as school and families to create an awareness of potential risks and develop behaviours that encourage appropriate conduct when using these online platforms.

We would like to empower students and families with tools to facilitate conversations around how to navigate the online world safely.

Recently the trend has been for students to participate in games and apps such as Fortnite, Tiktok, Apex Legends, Snapchat and Roblox. These online platforms have the potential to expose your children to risks, social pressure and content that you may not consider to be appropriate or may compromise their privacy.

The website below has some fabulous guides to help parents understand the gaming and/or app environment and the potential risks. We urge you to engage with this resource in order to be informed and equipped with tools to guide your child wisely in this space.

Throughout the year we will continue to inform parents about elements of this guide as a reminder. Included below is one of many helpful resources.

If this letter has raised questions for you or informed you in ways that you would like to discuss further, please speak to your child’s Home Group teacher.


Stephen Jude (Principal)
Andrew Jericho (Head of Middle School)

Parents Guide – Online Tips