Reading Workshop for Parents

Navigator College is very excited to present a reading workshop for parents looking to support their kids to read at home.

Date: Monday 30th June

Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm

Where: Navigator College Multipurpose room

Come along to this fun and engaging workshop to learn the best way you can help your child with home reading.  Learn the difference between reading and decoding.  Learn how to set your child up for success by using a book introduction. Learn how to have your child read ‘just right’ books so they can improve as readers. Learn how you can use ‘Pause, Prompt, Praise’ to help your child.  How children learn to read has changed since we went to school, so come along and have a fun time learning ways you can make reading more enjoyable for your child.

The workshop will be run by Margaret Menner. Margaret has worked in education for over 29 years as a Teacher, a Reading Recovery Teacher and a Literacy Consultant.  In addition, she has lectured at several Universities and published many books on Literacy. Margaret has worked in New York, USA and Hong Kong as a Literacy Consultant. She has worked predominately in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia and intermittently in other Australian states. Margaret currently manages and consults for Advance Teacher Training.