Quality Schools Survey

Dear Parents and Carers


This year our college will be participating in surveys managed by Research Australia Development and Innovation Institute (RADII). The surveys are being conducted for the school by RADII under a contract with Lutheran Education Australia.

The data that is collected will be used by the college and Lutheran Education Australia to develop strategies and implement initiatives to improve the quality of education offered by Lutheran schools.

Students will receive an invitation to participate through their school email address and may complete their surveys during class time. In addition, parents and staff are invited to participate in the survey. We hope the parent survey will help us to find out how well the school is managing the wellbeing of its students.

Parents will receive an email from Dr Jean Thompson at RADII with an invitation to respond to the survey online. Please check your Junk mail folder for the survey in case RADII’s addresses are not listed in your address book. Better still, enter the email address for Dr Thompson (thompson@radii.org) in your address book.

Dates of Survey – 19th March until 8th April 2018

All survey responses go directly to RADII and are not identifiable by the school, unless you wish to indicate that you want your feedback to be identified. All data will be stored securely and the anonymity of all participants is assured.

We encourage you to respond to the survey as this provides valuable feedback to the school. When the feedback from the survey is received we will share the findings with you.

Thank you for supporting the survey process

Stephen Jude