Professional Photographer for Promotional Photos
Wednesday, 8th March & Friday, 10th March

Dear Navigator College families,

Navigator College is engaging a professional photographer to take photos for the College. On completion of the project, we will be presented with a portfolio of photos that have been digitally enhanced for the College to use across a range of media including; College website, College app, College blog, printed news, local advertising, handbooks and other promotional printed material.

On completion of your families ‘Forms Pack’, you would have indicated whether you agreed with your child/ren’s photo being taken for promotional use (Privacy Act Policy). For the families who have indicated that they wouldn’t like their child/ren’s photo to be taken , we will ensure they are not included in these photo sessions. If you would like to review your child/ren’s Privacy Act indications, please do not hesitate to contact College before Wednesday the 8th of March and speak with the Student Services desk.

We look forward to using of these photos to update our website, along with other various promotional material.

With kind regards,
Navigator College Administration


Photo: Shrove Tuesday – pancake day!
Check out the Woolworths board for the full photo gallery!