Premier’s Reading Challenge – 2019

Dear Families

As the new Teacher Librarian at Navigator College, I’d like to firstly introduce myself. I have been involved in education for over 30 years, in both library and classroom teaching roles. Literacy and literature are my two great passions. Assisting students to find their ‘perfect fit’ texts, helping them to develop visual literacy skills and encouraging them to read for pleasure are the best parts of my role. If you would like assistance for you or your child, I’m predominantly based in the Resource Centre from Monday to Thursday, apart from when I’m busy teaching Year 6 English.

I would urge you to support your child/children to join in with this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge. The PRC is open to all students from Reception to Year 12.

The PRC website is a great source of information about literature, containing information about how the challenge works for students, parents and teachers, lists of books based on popular genres, authors and the like, as well as important dates. Reading has now begun and is to be completed by September 6th. Schools are required to enter student data by September 20thand medals should be received by the end of November.

CLICK HERE > PRC guidelines for parents  to read further information

Looking forward to supporting you and your learner as they develop a love of literature.

Regards, Jo Schenkel (Teacher Librarian)