Pedal Prix

Navigator College is excited to be involved for the very first time in the HPV Super Series. HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) Super Series is more, than just cycling – it involves dedication, resilience and team work…along with community support.

Our Mission: To develop a Pedal Prix team where the qualities of a strong and committed team drive both participation and competitiveness. The vision is that through Pedal Prix, we can bring together staff, students and parents in a team project that firstly is a lot of fun, but also builds the attributes of collaboration, camaraderie, dedication and encourages the unique contribution of every individual. This initiative offers an opportunity for coaching and mentoring in training, in life and in the mobilisation of gifts and skills embedded in our students. The following values in action will create a culture in tune with the above vision and result in a successful Pedal Prix season in 2018:

• Inclusive (open to all to be involved)

• Encouraging (in all aspects we want to stir courage in each other)

• Participation (strive to help team succeed)

• Dedication (to training; to participation)

• Mentoring & learning (learning and teaching new skills)

• Teamwork & co-operation (Rallying together, valuing one another)

• Resilience (the determination to keep going amidst challenges) • Competitiveness (The aspiration to do your personal best)



We offer a number of sponsorship packages – Please contact Amy Fiegert to express your interest!