Parking in the Senior School Area

Dear Navigator Families,

It is with great excitement that this week the construction of the 2-court stadium (the ‘Health Well-being Centre), has started.

Some of you may have already been impacted by this with the access to the whole site area, including the extra car parking space, having been cordoned off. We were expecting the truck to arrive with the perimeter building fence yesterday afternoon. It is here today and the fence is being put in place!

This has unfortunately created some chaos in the Windsor Avenue “pick-up/drop-off” area. We ask you to bear with us, particularly while the builder’s compound is being established. We are anticipating that some parking, for up to forty cars, will become available in the areas outside the perimeter fencing. We will let you know when the additional parking space can be accessed.

In the interim, if you have time on your side, you may wish to consider parking at Ravendale and strolling across for pick-up to alleviate the traffic chaos.

We also ask that families do not park in the “pick-up/drop-off” area while you wait for your child/children to arrive, as this really restricts the traffic flow. It probably would be helpful for the next day or two if you are able to arrive a little later for pickup rather than earlier, to make sure that you can have a quick drive-by and pick-up. While cars have been parking both sides of the road on Windsor avenue while waiting, we DISCOURAGE students from walking across the road, through the traffic past the sign, as this is not designed as a pedestrian crossing. With the number of cars coming and going on both roads, we believe this is a high risk pick-up.

We realise that this is an inconvenience, however we do thank you for your patience at pick up and drop off time to help ensure students and families are safe.

With kind regards,  Nev