Our policy at Navigator College is to aim as much as possible to have one ALL INCLUSIVE fee and avoid having numerous add-ons.

Please note the following items are all included in the below tuition fees:

Local class excursions – INCLUDED
Photocopying costs – INCLUDED
Student stationery costs – INCLUDED
Art and craft supplies – INCLUDED
All Junior School camps – INCLUDED
Visiting performances – INCLUDED
Local sporting activities – INCLUDED
Library facility costs – INCLUDED
Junior school swimming lessons – INCLUDED

Tuition Fees per Term (2019)

Early Learning Centre
(4 sessions p/w)
Year 1$1010
Year 2$1010
Year 3$1010
Year 4$1010
Year 5$1010
Year 6$1155
Year 7$1155
Year 8$1155
Year 9$1155
Year 10$1350
Year 11$1350
Year 12$1350


If you choose to pay your annual account in full, within 30 days of the first invoice being issued in Term 1, a 5% discount will be deducted from the tuition fee.

Sibling Discounts:
Siblings attending the College concurrently are entitled to the following discounts per annum only.

$ 250 – for the second child

$ 750 – for the third child

$1,750 – for the fourth child

* please note sibling discounts are not available for ELC students.

ELC Additional Sessions:
Additional regular weekly sessions (more than 4) may be booked on a permanent per term basis at $225 per term, for each addition session.
Additional daily casual sessions may be booked as required subject to availability at $25 per session

Additional Student Charges:

ICT infrastructure levy includes assigned device:

Years 4 – 6           per term$68
Years 7 – 9           per term$135
Years 10 – 12       per term$147

Below costs are APPROXIMATE based on 2018 actuals:

Year 6 – Erappa$250
Year 7 – Canberra$1520
Year 8 – Erappa (2019 and 2020)$250
Year 9 – City Week Adelaide$700
Year 11 – Indonesia    (optional)$2150
Year 10 – Bushwalking$80
Year 12 – Kayaking   (PE students only)$130
Year 12 – Formal ticket     (optional)$60
Year 2 – 12   ICAS  tests   (optional)$8 per test
Pedal Prix    (optional)tba
Non local sport participation    (optional)tba

Navigator Bus Travel – please contact the College for a fee schedule if applicable

Uniforms are available both new and secondhand from the College Uniform Shop. Payment is required at the time of purchase by either cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

Voluntary Building Fund:
Building Fund donations are greatly appreciated by the College and are used to maintain, upgrade and further develop the College buildings and facilities for the benefit of the students. Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and can be made at any time during the year by contacting the College.

School Card:
Families who are eligible for Government School Card assistance, will receive a discount of $400 per annum per child. School Card assistance forms must be completed and lodged at the beginning of every year by families wishing to apply for this benefit. (further details and application forms are available from the College)

Frequently Asked Questions

When can payments be made?

  • Upfront for the whole year (attracts a discount of 5%)
  • Per Semester
  • Per Term
  • Monthly
  • Per Fortnight or Weekly
  • Or, by negotiation with the school

How can fees be paid?

  • Cash, Cheque
  • Credit Card and EFTPOS available
  • Period payment from a nominated account
  • Internet electronic funds transfer