Boarding Program

Navigator College has in place its Boarding Program. This provides the opportunity for students from others areas to attend Navigator College.  All Boarding Program students will be accommodated in Host families allocated by the College, as requested by their parents.

Relationships in the Boarding Program situation

The over-arching principle is one of mutual respect. The Host family, through the College, has invited the student to live with them with the understanding that the student is to make every effort to fit into the structures and routines of the family. As an ‘extra’ member to the family unit it is expected that there will be open and caring communication, with particular sensitivity shown during the early stages of adjustment.

The host family will be clear in identifying what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of behaviour and attitude. Students in turn accept that they are personally responsible for their own actions and are expected to change any unacceptable behaviour patterns as part of the process of establishing self discipline.

“The College Community of Navigator is one where both myself and my husband feel total comfort. The families all know each other and to be greeted at the gate by the Principal every morning and to be known by name is a very special feeling indeed.  We know when we enter the gate that our children are well known and are in safe hands, as though we are leaving them in the care of a family member” – Alison Gassner, Parent